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Grandpa's Stilts - there are many copies, but these are the original, we first patented them in 1986. These are the same stilts we have sold through the years to companies like Magic Cabin, Chasing Fireflies, Back to Basics, Vermont Country Store, and many others.  Our stilts are made in our shop by our family and have been since we started manufacturing them in 1986, they have been tested and have passed safety testing as a toy product, including lead testing. They are made of quality straight grain hardwood, are easily adjusted to four to 14 inches off the floor, they are light and easy to walk on and they can be used safely in doors or outdoors.

Please specify size when checking out. They are shipped by way of UPS. Please provide UPS shipping address. Small pole length 44 inches (kids up to about 8 yrs) Medium pole length 52 inches (kids until they are adult height) Large pole length 60 inches (adults)

Stilts per pair are $59.50 Shipped, continental US only. For international orders, please email us.


If you are looking for wholesale pricing, please contact us directly.  Thank you.

Finished stilts, ready to be boxed. 

Beautiful hardwood ready for stain. 

My son Erik working on stilts

Me, Grandpa, sanding stilts